22 Oct 2020 
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Technical Issues
Here you will find help and answers to most of the technical problems you may encounter.

 I cannot log-in, why?
 When I try to log in, a message appears saying that I am banned, what is this and what can I do?
 I-opus, I-macros
 How can I use the Forum?
 Email didn't arrive
 I can't sell\buy hookers or drugs, why?
 I can't write the robbery code or it's always shown like wrong captcha entered while I'm sure that I wrote the right one.
 I'm / We are jailed, although I \ My gang have the required difficulty for the robbery, what should I/We do?
 I can't pass my level, although I've done all the requirements, what should I do?
 Registration mail didn't arrive, what should I do?
 I want to delete my account, how to do that?
 My account is deleted, is there a way to reactivate it?
 I forgot my E-mail's password, is there a way to change my E-mail?


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